Defcon System Threat Levels & Terror Alerts

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Current Defcon Warning Status

Defcon levels current status today

The Defcon System threat levels are numbered from threat levels one to five. Defcon levels 1 being the highest threat level and 5 being the lowest terror or threat level.

Many people mistakenly believe the defcon system threat levels are listed or ranked 1 as the lowest threat level and level 5 as the highest threat level as is common with other alert statuses but this is not true with the defcon system threat levels.


There is a rumor going around that the Defcon Level has been raised to 3, that is not the case. The Defcon warning level remains at 5, status blue. Snopes covers this rumor here:

Each level in the warning system is color coded. Level 1 is colored red and 5 is the color blue.

The following is a list of the five defcon warning levels in order. Click to see a description of each terror alert level and what each level means.

Breaking News Alerts & Threat Level Updates


one - 1

What is defcon two - 2

Three - 3

Four - 4

Five - 5

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